Brian Stump: Yoga

Brian fell in love with yoga in a small town in the middle of Vermont almost a decade ago. Since then, he has personally experienced the vast benefits that yoga has to offer in our personal lives. It’s all about connection. Connection with our body leads to connection with our mind and emotions, and ultimately connection with our true self.  Brian completed the 200-hr yoga teacher certification program at the Ananda Shala School of Yoga in Frederick, Maryland.  His foundation-first approach to the practice of yoga allows the students to grow their yoga practice for their individual needs. Focusing on building poses from the ground up, Brian encourages students to explore a deeper connection to their center core line and to where their bodies are in space. His interests include Vinyasa and power yoga which are balanced with restorative and yin practices. Additionally, Brian has worked in healthcare for over 10 years and understands the power of preventative medicine. His personal practice includes exploring the therapeutic benefits of yoga as tool for maintaining and restoring physical and emotional health.