Group Feldenkrais - Awareness through Movement (ATM)

In a group ATM class your teacher verbally guides you step-by-step through a sequence of gentle, physical movements alternating with periods of quiet rest. Many classes are done while lying on a soft mat on the floor; others are done while sitting, standing, or moving from one to the other. The rest periods between the movements are as important as the movements themselves. They bring you to a state of profound repose while promoting effortlessly effective learning and assimilation. Each class is carefully structured to reveal something new and fascinating about your self, and help you to gain greater self-awareness and more options for action.

~  Feldenkrais classes are gentle, and movements can be modified as necessary to avoid any discomfort.
~ Wear comfortable clothing that you can lie down in and move in. Seams are painful to lie on, for example. Light layers are suggested to keep as warm or cool as you like.
~ You do not need to bring a mat. We have mats and large blankets to lie on.