Kate Giarth:

Feldenkrais, AromaTouch, DoTerra Essential Oils Consultant


Kate Van Ness is a Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She has studied mind/body therapies for the past decade while searching for work would be beneficial for herself and others. Her background is in teaching children with special needs. In 2007 she was working with a girl with autism and was pleasantly surprised that yoga and other movement therapies helped to create better functioning in the world.

One day after a yoga class she decided to try out the Feldenkrais Method. Realizing that this work was so incredible for her nervous system and quickly increased her ability to heal more quickly and learn in a more efficient way, she continued to study this method for three years with a practitioner who later became her mentor in a four year certification program. Today she has completely dedicated herself to helping herself and others achieve excellence in a world that continues to grow rapidly, so that everyone can function together to create a better future.