Kathy McArthur: Health/Nutrition Coach, Fitness Trainer and Functional Aging Specialist

Hi there, my name is Kathy McArthur and I am a certified Nutrition and Health Coach.  I also hold certifications as a Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist, Pilates, Spinning, Group Exercise, and Tabata Bootcamp instruction. With this variety of health related skills, I can be a great resource for total fitness.  

I am very passionate about eating well and taking care of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  I had major struggles in my early life, never really feeling “great”.  I was always a fitness junkie, but I hurt all over and was always fatigued.  I spent many years looking for solutions for myself and experimenting with different ideas and ways to live and eat.  After many years, have finally found a balance and learned much along the way.  I’ve learned that just eating healthy and working out doesn’t always make you feel good.  You have to eat the right healthy foods for YOU, and do a workout that works for YOU.  Aging has brought on new challenges, so I decided to add to my list of certifications and become a Functional Aging Specialist.  Within this specialty, I can put together a plan for you to become more functional, not just stronger.  Strength is only good if you can do the daily activities you love and need to do. I offer Health Coaching and Fitness Planning for all ages.  I customize plans based on the specific needs of the client – YOU.  We are all individuals and I will assist you in finding your balance so you can feel great and be the outstanding individual you are.