Gina's Testimonial

Feldenkrais is the best thing I never knew I needed!

It’s hard to describe what Feldenkrais is and what it does for you. You couldn’t summarize Feldenkrais in a 150-character Tweet. You have to experience it.

I had not heard of Feldenkrais until I met Lisa and the Real Health Studios team. To be honest, when Lisa explained it, it sounded like the most “hokey pokey” thing ever. That said, I’ve suffered from chronic back, hip, and joint pain for years, to the point where it has impacted my quality of life and impeded on things I was once able to do.

I felt I had tried absolutely everything else to help manage and alleviate my chronic pain, including yoga, regular acupuncture, regular massages, regular chiropractic adjustments, vitamin supplements, physical therapy, back braces, and analgesics. None of the holistic or medicinal measures were effective.

I had many sleepless nights and days where I couldn’t walk. Depending on my pain level, I might have physical side effects, like migraines and nausea. My last untried option was a pain management specialist, who offered me spinal injections and pain medications. I refused, fearing this option would only mask my pain without improving my overall quality of life or correcting my issue. 

My previous yoga experience was pretty awful. A year ago, I tried a yoga studio but left one class in tears because the instructor wasn’t sensitive to my back pain and wouldn’t offer any modifications. I never went back. I had given up on yoga completely.

Then Lisa told me about Feldenkrais and Real Health Studios. Feldenkrais sounded strange, but I figured – why not? Nothing else had been successful up until that point, so trying something new and non-invasive seemed like a good idea. The instructor was amazing and worked with me at my level, offering several modifications when necessary based on my physical limitations.

I started attending Feldenkrais classes consistently, and now I notice a huge improvement. I have much less chronic pain, increased flexibility, and greater range of motion. I also notice other things, such as improved posture and an increased awareness of my breathing. I still have occasional flare-ups in my back, hips, and joints, but they are much less intense and more easily managed. Feldenkrais gave me the tools to manage my pain, and I feel really good about myself and the progress I’ve made. I look forward to coming each week and seeing continuous improvement.

 My advice to anyone considering Feldenkrais is…Try it. Don’t be put off by fear or skepticism, wondering “will this really work for me?” You can either live in fear that your pain won’t get better or you can try something new to improve your quality of life. If you feel you’ve already tried everything else, what’s one more thing to try?

Everyone at Real Health Studios provides a warm, inviting, judgment-free atmosphere to relax and heal.