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Real Health may be on a break but the journey is not over!

See below for practitioner contact information and some great studios to try.  Also, as there has been confusion, please note that the business currently occupying our old space on East Street is not affiliated with or endorsed by Real Health Studios.  


Alex and Kate are passionate and committed to continue offering Feldenkrais sessions and classes in the community!  Keep up with them on their websites for classes, locations and contact info:
Alex Devlin -



Julie Melton:  Follow Julie through her website for her classes and contact info for private sessions:
and on Facebook:

Janet Krones - Janet is offering private yoga sessions in her home and weekly small group classes, the first of which is an all levels, beginner friendly flow class Monday evenings, 6:30-7:30p.   Please contact her if interested in group classes and/or private sessions:
email: and cell: 301-788-5757

Ariana Kamprad:  Keep up with Ariana at her studio!:
You can also follow her on Instagram:

Vera Nicole - Contact Vera for where to take her incredible classes. 
Phone: 240-285-1432 Email:

Brian Stump - Keep up with Brian at Clear Roots Yoga on Facebook:
and email:

Elizabeth Remmers - Contact Elizabeth for yoga and her amazing Thai Yoga Bodywork!

Also check out: for a lovely schedule of yoga classes in nearby downtown Brunswick, MD. A lovely new space in Frederick right around the corner from the old Real Health location!

We may be closing for now but the Real Health Team is still going! Sign up here to learn how to keep up with them and to be contacted when Real Health 2.0 comes online!

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Real Health Studios is a collaboration of health care practitioners and exercise instructors integrating movement therapies, conventional and complementary medicine.  We nurture the health of the whole individual - mind, body and spirit.  It is our mission to guide you towards whole health.  Whole health is REAL HEALTH. 

As a physician, my life's work has been in the service of relieving suffering.  I have come to realize through the course of my career as well as personal experience that health is not just about relieving suffering and healing after the fact.  I want to help people get healthy and stay healthy by nurturing the whole person, not just putting on a bandage or prescribing a pill.

We strive to accomplish this mission through a combination of movement therapies including different types of accessible yoga, fitness classes and Feldenkrais (an exciting approach to awareness through movement - don't be afraid of the name, it's pretty amazing!).  The movement therapies are combined with various approaches to integrated health including, but not limited to health/nutrition coaching, and massage/therapeutic touch.

The Bee and the Lotus:

Many have asked about the meaning behind our logo.  We incorporated the stripes of a bee as one of the petals of a flower connected to a hexagonal hive shape.   For us, bees are symbolic of hard work and dedication as represented by the common phrase “Busy as a Bee.” Your hard work will pay off in the end with sweet results.  With persistence and commitment to fulfilling your dreams, the bee shows you that anything is possible. By choosing the path to dedicate yourself to, you are consequently choosing the results you want to see in your life. This is a positive and empowering realization to have.  In this case we hope that path may be one towards whole health.

Bees and their hive also represent community and the benefit of seeking support and working together to achieve goals.  This brings us to the flower.  Some people believe that the Bees and Flowers developed at the same moment in time because they needed each other. The flower is something beautiful supported by it's natural community, especially the bees.  The lotus flower specifically among different philosophies and religions symbolizes something beautiful and pure which emerges from mud.  To me this represents the idea that each of us can grow no matter what our starting point, especially with the support of community.  (One of my inspirations along my own journey towards health is the book "No Mud No Lotus" by Thich Nhat Hanh).